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Join Dewayne and Joe on their journey as they navigate the shifting space of the modern workplace in the Microsoft cloud. You'll find a unique perspective from two System Admins in education technology who are passionate about promoting change by meeting users where they are.


Dec 12, 2020

The #ShiftShow, captain's log episode 2. In this episode Dewayne and Joe will discuss how to leverage Microsoft Teams as what they like to call a virtual venue. Learn how you may already have access to a platform that can be leveraged to host large multi-day conferences and symposiums. They will touch on tips and tricks that they learned throughout the building process as well as some best practices. So, buckle up and get ready to hit maximum warp with the #ShiftShow.

Connect with your hosts: Dewayne Hyatt and Joe Gasper

Download the transcript: Episode 2 Transcript

Links and resources from this episode

Hosting Online Conferences and Symposiums using Microsoft Teams - Recording (YouTube)

Slide deck, PowerShell scripts, useful tools, and services - GitHub repo

Episode Information
Episode 2
Recorded 12/11/2020
46 min 24 sec

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