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Join Dewayne and Joe on their journey as they navigate the shifting space of the modern workplace in the Microsoft cloud. You'll find a unique perspective from two System Admins in education technology who are passionate about promoting change by meeting users where they are.


Sep 14, 2021

In this episode, join Dewayne and Joe as they take you through Microsoft Bookings and how it can help you manage your time, resources, and in-person or virtual appointments for services offered to your customers and crewmates. Whether you're setting office hours with the counselor, scheduling away time on the holodeck, or offering an instructional class on tridimensional chess, Bookings can help these run smoothly. So, it's time to grab your calendar for The ShiftShow. Computer, book 'em.

Download the transcript: Episode 11 Transcript

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Episode Information

  • Episode 11
  • Recorded 09/13/2021
  • 49 min 34 sec

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